Family Law Services Alert: Parenting Time Modifications as a Result of COVID-19


For divorced parents, the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak raises several parenting time issues relating to where the children should physically reside and whether parenting time should be temporarily modified or, even in some circumstances, suspended. Each of these issues require careful thought and consideration as any change may exacerbate the uncertainty that both parents and children are feeling during this pandemic. Parents should discuss and potentially establish a temporary parenting schedule to address the following:

  • The sudden at-home school days and loss of daytime childcare (whether at school or daycare facilities);
  • Parents having to work from home on a full-time basis and also manage/oversee their children’s school work;
  • Pickup and drop-off routines because of hygiene concerns and social distancing;
  • Routines relating to the sanitizing of children’s toys;
  • Concerns relating to any individuals with compromised immune systems;
  • Communication between parents and children, should children or family members be quarantined; and
  • Where children will reside if one or both parents contract coronavirus.

While we navigate this ever-fluid situation, if you are considering making a change to your existing parenting plan, you should communicate with a family lawyer to assist in memorializing any such modifications. Likewise, consulting with an attorney will also help you understand your rights as a parent during this pandemic. Brach Eichler is here to counsel you and your family with any parenting time issues that may arise during this time.

We are available through a number of electronic/remote platforms, and remain at the forefront of the many technological developments being made at the judiciary and across the industry. If you would like to discuss any of these important family law issues, as well as the many options still available to you during these uncertain times (such as remote Alternative Dispute Resolution), give us a call or send an email to set up a virtual meeting.

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*This is intended to provide general information, not legal advice. Please contact the authors if you need specific advice.

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