Healthcare Law Alert: DOBI: PIP Carriers to Permit the Use of Telehealth


April 28, 2020

Effective immediately, the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance (DOBI) has released Bulletin 20-19 allowing PIP carriers to permit the use of telehealth. In pertinent part, the Bulletin outlines the following directives:

  • Encourage the use of network providers to use telemedicine/telehealth whenever appropriate in treating PIP patients due to the public health emergency
  • Update procedures for telehealth/telemedicine to include telephone-only services
  • Carriers cannot require specific technologies to be used for telehealth/telemedicine treatment during the state of emergency (i.e., audio only or live video)
  • Reimburse providers for telehealth/telemedicine no less than the in-person rates
  • Notify providers of any specific billing requirements for billing telehealth/telemedicine
  • Set requirements to substantiate the treatment including documentation and recordkeeping, but cannot impose more restrictive requirements than an “in-person” visit
  • Carriers may not impose in-state license restrictions, so long as the provider is in compliance with P.L. 2020, c. 4
  • Carriers cannot require additional prior-authorization (precertification) requirements
  • These updates should be disseminated on the PIP carriers’ websites or other reasonable means to keep individuals informed.

Bulletin 20-19 is published on the DOBI website and can be found here.

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